Dr. Gail H. Nufeld
2551 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Suite 248
San Ramon, California 94583
(925) 743-3905

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Dr. Gail H. Nufeld
Clinical Psychologist
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Dr. Nufeld specializes in counseling with adults, adolescents, couples, and families. Her therapy style is collaborative, supportive, and straight forward. Through a variety of psycho-therapy techniques, her goal is to provide a supportive environment for positive change. Dr. Nufeld will primarily use cognitive-behavioral therapy and a problem solving approach to help you challenge self-defeating beliefs, negative attitudes, and reverse harmful behaviors. Your therapy will focus on individualized techniques that change the way you think, feel, and respond to situations, people, and problems in a positive way.

In treatment with Dr. Nufeld, you will learn to make better life decisions, effectively express emotions, develop self-discipline, improve self-esteem, overcome hardships, create and achieve realistic goals, and build a feeling of control over your life.